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The Espot Apartments have capacities from 4 to 9 people. They are totally equipped with: heating, microwaves,  washing machine, household equipment, television and DVD reproducer, access to Internet by wifi. In addition, they have elevator, parking and they enjoy sun all the day.


            People             Price/night   


                 4                       140 €

                 5                       150 €                        
                 6                       162 €                      
                 7                       182 €                      
                 8                       200 €                      
                 9                       216 €




Apartaments Espot proposes the following offers to you:

Special rates are available for long stays.

​In addition, if you come to Apartaments Espot you will have discounts in different establishments and services of the zone.

 - Roc Roi (adventure sports)
 - Mountain guides

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